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We produce the highest quality lay-up molds, compression type molds and resin transfer molds (RTMs) for composite materials constructed from various types of Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Invar.

Lunar Industries Lay-Up Mold Lunar Industries Compression Type Mold
Lay-Up MoldCompression Type Mold

Lunar Industries Resin Transfer Mold (RTM)

Resin Transfer Mold (RTM)


  • Attribute Gages
  • In-Process Gages
  • Master Gages
  • Set-Up Gages
  • SPC Gages
  • Variable Gages
  Lunar Industries Attribute Gages, In-Process gages, Master Gages, SPC Gages and Variable Gages Lunar Industries Attribute Gages, In-Process Gages, Master Gages, SPC Gages and Variable Gages


  • Assembly Fixture
  • Automated Fixture
  • Bond Fixture
  • Checking Fixture
  • CMM Fixture
  • Cure Fixture
  • Drill Fixture
  • EDM Fixture
  • Grinding Fixture
  • Holding Fixture
  • Inspection Fixture
  • Installation Fixture
  • Laser Fixture
  • Locating Fixture
  • Machining Fixture
  • Marking Fixture
  • Mill Fixture
  • Spray Fixture
  • Trim Fixture
  • Turn Fixture
  • Welding Fixture
  Lunar Industries assorted fixture designs and builds Lunar Industries Fixture Designs

Progressive Dies and Fabrications

Lunar Industries Produces Quality Progressive Dies for your Automotive Needs   Lunar Industries Produces Quality Fabrications for your Military, Aerospace, Automotive and Aircraft Needs
Progressive Dies   Fabrications
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